Calling all business owners, event planners, and compassionate individuals: 

let’s connect, make a difference together, and #neverstop caring.

If you’re as passionate as we are about improving the lives and health of our friends and neighbors, let’s join forces by leveraging our resources, time and efforts to achieve the best possible outcome.  We can’t wait to connect with you!

Build Your Business Legacy

Showcase your organization or business, build your legacy to the community!  Your business values speak to the community good when you partner with us. Help us fundraise for a new hospital?  Purchase a piece of hospital equipment?  Partner with us to offer a wellness activity?  Have another idea?

Become Our Ambassador – Calling all Scholarship Alumni

Have you ever received a healthcare scholarship from us?  We want your story!  Where are you now?  What are you doing?  What do you love most about your healthcare career?  Contact us or email a short story (and photos!) about your career life.   YOUR STORY could be  the inspiration for many others who are thinking about a healthcare career – inspire them!

Ready to donate now?

Your donation makes a real difference in promoting health and wellness initiatives for the Lake Chelan Valley.