2019 Board Members

Michael Steele – President

I’ve been an active Foundation Board Member since 2013 because I’m committed to ensuring that future generations in our valley have access to the very best in medical treatment and facilities. I’m passionate about my work with the Foundation and love supporting the numerous wellness programs the foundation has created over the past several years. I’m also active in numerous civic clubs and philanthropic organizations, a past Chelan City Council Member, and I’m currently serving my first term in the Washington State House as the Representative for the 12th Legislative District.

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Ed Brownfield-Nelson, Treasurer

I have enjoyed living and raising a family in our beloved Lake Chelan Valley.  My Mom’s career as an RN inspired my work at three different hospitals in Seattle.  I have been an active member of Hospital Guild Y since 1971, and worked on projects to support our old hospital! It was a thrill to be involved in the opening of our current hospital in 1972, and I am so looking forward to our much-needed new hospital. I am honored to serve on this Foundation, a group of highly dedicated people from all walks of life.  We are active in our communities and in turn are supported by many wonderful Foundation donors, for which we are most thankful.

Linda Parker, Secretary

I enjoy serving on the Foundation Board.  I was involved in the Seattle area with a Hospital Board and a volunteer for many years. Our Foundation Board serves our community in many ways.  I have been especially involved with our Scholarship program which benefits College students, and our continuing education programs that benefits employees in the Health Care field in our Hospital and Clinics. I have been a resident since 2000 and a Board Member since 2002.

Tom Anglin, Director

I was born and raised in Everett, and after returning from Vietnam, I spent the next 45 years in law enforcement. My wife and I built a home in Chelan 14 years ago and moved here permanently 3 years ago. I immediately helped with the 2014 Hospital Campaign. When asked to serve on the Foundation Board, I accepted the invitation as a privilege. The foundation affords me the opportunity to not only give back to my community, but also to impact lives and organizations in the Chelan Valley.

Emmit Aston, Director

I’m proud to say that I’ve lived in the Lake Chelan Valley for most of my life.  I earned a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Washington (my beloved alma mater that gave me a distinct love for the colors gold and purple – Go Huskies!) I was a Pharmacist at Chelan’s Greens Drug Store for seven years, and then for 24 years with my wife Bonnie at the Aston Drug Center.  Bonnie and I have three daughters.  I’ve always looked for ways to give back to the community, and health-related endeavors are especially dear to my heart.

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Karen Collins, Director

I purchased a house in Chelan in 1994 with the intentions of retiring there, and in 2003 that dream become a reality. After working throughout my professional career in the healthcare field, I was determined to invest my volunteer hours in an organization whose mission heavily involved wellness and healthcare; what could be better than LCCHC? There is no limit to the things that can be done in our little community especially through this Foundation.

Jan Fedor, Director

I’ve lived full time in Chelan now since 2009 after retiring from the Boeing Company. I always knew that I would retire in Chelan but I never thought I’d be involved in the community. The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness  Foundation connects and interacts with other organizations all for the health and wellness of the community of which I’m proud to be a part. It’s a perfect way for me to get involved and give back.

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Aurora Flores, Director

Health and wellness for our community as well as professional development for the Lake Chelan Hospital staff are two reasons why I serve on this Foundation. I also serve on the Manson School Board, the Professional Educators Standard Board, and am currently Vice-President of the Washington State School Directors Association.  I have four children; Gabriel, AnnMarie, Jaime and Valerie, six grandchildren and have been married to my husband, Balentin, for 46 years.

Dale Hoisington, Director

I was born and raised in Spokane, graduated from Gonzaga University in 1972, and then moved to Seattle.  My career was in sales and marketing with Procter & Gamble, 7UP Company, and PepsiCo. I built a house in Manson in 1999 with plans of retiring to the area, which I did in 2006. I enjoy giving back to the community in which I live and I cannot think of a better cause than health care and education, both of which I find serving on the LCCHF board.

Judy Steele, Director

I’m a lifelong resident of the Lake Chelan Valley and a committed volunteer to my community.  I’m a founding board member for the Foundation since 1981.  In addition to serving as Foundation President, I’ve been a President of Chelan Soroptimist Club, the only woman ever to hold the position of Commodore for the Lake Chelan Boating Club, and recently an active committee member for the Citizens for a New Hospital.  I retired from the US Postal Service after serving for 32 years in 2014. My husband Allen and I have been farming the 110 year old family orchard since 1971, and we enjoy spending time with our family.