How We Supported Scholarships & Continuing Education in 2020:

In 2020 LCHWF supported a total of 50 students and caregivers by providing $71,666.25 in scholarships.

We provided 34 local student scholarships totaling $65,500 to support their studies within the healthcare field. In addition, more than 15 continuing education requests from our healthcare professionals were supported totaling $6,166.25.

You are the Valley’s future health and wellness professionals.

The health of future generations in the Valley depends on the future health and wellness professionals we’re training today. We’re proud to support the wellness career goals and plans of dozens of Valley-area students and residents with our scholarship and education programs. These individuals continually amaze us with their drive, their enthusiasm and their commitment to helping those around them live healthier lives. Explore the ways we support learners of all ages, read some of their stories and see how you can help support the learning goals of your fellow Valley-area residents!

Learn about The Bragg Scholarship & Continuing Education Endowment Fund and details about scholarship criteria.

Read about how the Med Club at Chelan High School is impacting our future medical professionals like Lucas and Caleb.

General Scholarships

The health of future generations in our Valley will be in the hands of health and wellness professionals who never stop learning today. We’re helping secure that future by providing scholarships to local students and residents pursuing a college degree in healthcare. If that’s you, you may be eligible! Scholarships vary in amount, depending on criteria such as full or part-time status and the number of years a student has studied in a healthcare field. A scholarship committee made up of members of the Foundation Board of Directors considers applicants.


Continuing Education

You never stop learning – and your passion for continuing your education is impressive! We like to reward that passion with continuing healthcare education scholarships. All Lake Chelan Health employees and Lake Chelan Valley healthcare professionals are eligible to apply. If you have a dream to further your education in healthcare, we’d love to hear from you.