Our future is in the hands of the next generation

Helping local teens get on the right path to becoming healthy, productive members of society.

How We Supported Teens in 2018:

  • $1,000 Thrive Chelan Valley: Teen Center/Mentor Program
  • $325 Chelan High School Senior Night Transportation
  • $500 Miss Lake Chelan Fitness Scholarship


You are the Valley’s future health and wellness professionals.

The health of future generations in the Valley depends on the future health and wellness professionals we’re training today. We’re proud to support the wellness career goals and plans of dozens of Valley-area students and residents with our scholarship and education programs. These individuals continually amaze us with their drive, enthusiasm and commitment to helping those around them live healthier lives.

CHS Grad Night

The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation supported a safe and sober grad “all-nighter” for Seniors, a drug-and-alcohol-free event. LCHWF provided the cost of the bus transportation to several locations and events that evening. A fun time had by all!

Miss Lake Chelan

The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation sponsored two fitness scholarships for the 2018 Miss Lake Chelan participants. Rosa Lopez Barboza won 1st place $300 and Lucy Bordner won 2nd place $200 for Fitness Awards. They were also crowned as royalty. Congratulations to Rosa and Lucy, and we hope their healthy lifestyles will inspire others to do the same!

Thrive Chelan Valley

Thrive Chelan Valley is known in the community and schools as an organization that works to help all valley youth reach their full potential. They believe in the importance of discovering the gaps for kids in the community and empowering our valley to be part of the solution.

Thrive serves kids in Chelan and Manson through three main programs: Thrive Mentoring – adult and peer mentoring, Thrive Cares – support for tangible needs to remove barriers and help kids have what they need to “thrive,” and Thrive Teen Center – an evening program for teens to gather on the weekends and have a warm meal. You can learn more or consider joining us in serving kids in our valley by visiting their website: www.thrivechelanvalley.com.

Thrive Chelan Valley partners with Manson School District to provide students in grades K-12 with the opportunity to receive counseling support during summer break. Manson strives to support wraparound programs that go above-and-beyond to support students in need and provided 20+ students with mental health services throughout the school year.  The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation supports Thrive Chelan Valley and Manson School District to achieve this goal.