We’re making the valley a healthier place by supporting the Hospital & Clinics.

The Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics is our “Number One Customer”!  Our mission is to promote healthcare services and wellness initiatives for the Lake Chelan Valley.  We work towards fulfilling this mission for our hospital in many ways.

This is what we did in 2017:

$173,762 contributed to Foundation

228 Generous Supporters


  • $139,162 Replacement Hospital Building Fund
  • $33,156 Annual Giving Campaign for surgical items
    • Full size fluid warming cabinet
    • Arthroscope lenses
    • Hysteroscopy set
    • Tourniquet system
  • $126 Magazines & Children’s Corner, Waiting Room, LC Clinic

Community Wellness

  • $7,850 Club MAX
  • $3,000 Get Fit Health Challenge
  • $1,000 Morgan Owings Elementary (MOE) Playground Equipment
  • $1,138 Reach Out & Read – Books/Reading Program for Kids, Lake Chelan Clinic
  • $750 MOE Girls on the Run
  • $2,743 Diabetes Smackdown
  • $400 KOZI Water Safety Program
  • $250 Chelan Cancer Support Group/Wellness Place
  • $10,432 CFNCW Grant: “Harvesting Relationships for Healthcare”
    • Thrive Chelan Valley – Empowered to Connect Simulcast
    • Chelan School District &  Todos United – Zumba Sessions
    • Chelan High School – Diversity Art Contest
    • Manson High School – 78-Day Community Health Challenge
    • Chelan Rotary – 5K Fun Run for Kids
    • Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS)
    • Manson School District Family Leadership Initiative (FLI)
    • Orchard/Vineyard and Latino Business Photography

Healthcare Education Scholarships

  • Awarded $96,896 in scholarships to future caregivers in the Lake Chelan Valley and continuing
    education scholarships to local caregivers


  • $10,000 Soroptimist Intl of Chelan/Chelan Chase & Pink Ribbon Golf Classic
    • 66 Mammograms @ $21,306
  • $23,500 Guild B – Home Tour & Art Show – Blood Gas Instrument
  • $2,400 Guild B – Lights of Love PT Exercise Cycle
  • $500 Chelan Fresh – Harvesting Relationships for Healthcare Donation

Generous Donor Designations

  • $2,353 Club Max
  • $1,818 Sanctuary

Our Strong Commitment to LCCHC continues as we fundraise for our new Hospital!

Supporters for a new hospital outline the footprint of the proposed building with a human chain, February 11, 2017.

Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics, Chelan County Public Hospital District No. 2, is a 25-bed critical access hospital in Chelan. Medical services include a 24/7 emergency room, surgery, childbirth, paramedic-level ambulance service, addiction recovery, and inpatient/outpatient care services, including lab and radiology.

The current round concrete 45-year-old facility sits on a landlocked site with single access via a steep, narrow residential road and inadequate parking. The building is inadequate with inefficient infrastructure systems (sewage, electrical, plumbing, HVAC). Patient rooms are small and shared, and with insufficient space for radiology, laboratory, and patient service areas. In-depth financial analysis studies showed that remodeling would cost more than building a new structure.

In April 2017, the Lake Chelan Valley passed a $20 million bond to build a new hospital on hospital-owned property at Chelan Apple Blossom Drive, across from the newly-constructed Columbia Valley Community Health Clinic. The new hospital will have private patient rooms, larger birthing rooms, increased outpatient capacity and a bigger emergency room. It will also have space for rehabilitative therapy, laboratory and radiology, as well as an expanded surgery department and a helicopter pad for emergency transfers. The fully ADA accessible hospital will be designed for cost effectiveness.

The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation has made a commitment to continue to fundraise for the new hospital, and we are proud to accept this role and responsibility! Please visit our website often for news and updates!

Training & Education

  • We recently funded two EMS training sessions, including 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Training and “Stop the Bleed” Read more about these training sessions here.

Healthcare Services

  • The generous legacy of the Edna and Harold Bragg Endowment Fund provides continuing education for our Caregivers.  To date, we’ve awarded over $1 million in health-related education to those living and working in our Lake Chelan Valley.
  • For over 35 years, we have purchase upgrades and critical equipment for our hospital
  • Coordinated an effort to raise over $930,000 for a third floor addition to our current hospital building
  • Anesthesia monitor
  • C-Arm X-Ray unit
  • Teleradiology Technology
  • Cardiac central station, monitors, IV pumps
  • Sterlization Equipment and Cautery Machine for OR
  • Glidescropes for EMS vehicles
  • Occupational Therapy Gym
  • Coagulation lab instrument
  • Two EMS vehicles: 2000 and 2016
  • And much more…

Wellness Initiatives

  • The Foundation established the LCCHC Club Max kids’ wellness program, with a generous gift from Rio Tinto and Magnus Pacific…the Foundation continues to fund the program
  • The Foundation yearly funds the LCCHC Get Fit! Health Challenge
  • We partner with our Hospital for a variety of wellness and community events, such as school health fairs, nutrition education, community health challenges, community and school fun runs, and more.

Thanks for your support in 2017!

Arlene Abbott
Kevin Abel
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Raynor Baker
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Your donations change lives!

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