Hospital & Clinics

Lake Chelan Health is our “Number One Customer!” Our mission is to promote healthcare services and wellness initiatives for the Lake Chelan Valley. We work toward fulfilling this mission for our hospital in many ways.

The New Hospital

In April 2017, the Lake Chelan Valley passed a $20 million bond to build a new hospital on hospital-owned property at Chelan Apple Blossom Drive, across from the newly-constructed Columbia Valley Community Health Clinic. The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation has made a commitment to continue to fundraise for the new hospital, and we are proud to accept this role and responsibility!

Funding Equipment & Building Upgrades

For more than 35 years, we have purchased upgrades and critical equipment for our hospital including (but not limited to) the following: imaging equipment, full-size fluid warming cabinet, arthroscope lenses, hysteroscopy set, tourniquet system, anesthesia monitor, C-Arm X-Ray unit, teleradiology technology, cardiac central station, monitors, IV pumps, sterilization equipment and cautery machine for OR, glidescopes for EMS vehicles, occupational therapy gym, coagulation lab instrument and two EMS vehicles.

Wellness Initiatives

We partner with Lake Chelan Health for a variety of wellness and community events, such as school health fairs, nutrition education, community health challenges, community and school fun runs, and more. The Foundation also established the LCH Club Max kids’ wellness program with a generous gift from Rio Tinto and Magnus Pacific, and funds the annual LCH Get Fit! Health Challenge.

Training & Education

We recently funded two EMS training sessions, including 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Training and “Stop the Bleed.” Read more about these training sessions here.