An Interview With Kathy Hevly

LCCHC Sanctuary Clinical Director & Nurse Practitioner

Kathy is big on “giving back” to her employer, the community, and lending a helping hand. She put herself through school at WSU and one semester, a psychology professor paid her book fees. She came away from that generous experience with a commitment and sense of connection to her job and community. Kathy has worked at the hospital since 2002. As the Sanctuary Clinical Director & Nurse Practitioner, her primary duties include managing medical detox, working with clients to adjust meds, counseling, weekly teaching groups about medications in early recovery, pain management, smoking cessation and other needs, and is responsible for precepting all students and intaking new patients.

“I enjoy my work – and I work a lot! LCCH has given me my job, my profession, and my livelihood…they pay my salary and I feel I should give back. It’s not about money or giving a certain amount. In the end, it’s knowing that ‘I can help make a difference’.”

About the Foundation:

For more than 35 years, the Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation (formerly the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Foundation) has been committed to helping make the Lake Chelan Valley area a healthier place to be for everyone by encouraging and managing financial gifts, promoting healthcare services for our hospital, and wellness initiatives for the Valley.

Our Mission is to promote healthcare services and wellness initiatives for the Lake Chelan Valley.