Take Action for Better Health Challenge 2019

The Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation (LCHWF) has sponsored the Take Action for Better Health Challenge this past spring. The program is a partnership with the Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics (LCCHC) and LCHWF that began back in 2012 to encourage residents to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits.

The Challenge just wrapped up with 98 participants! 244.2 lbs of body fat were lost and 27.1 of lean muscle mass gained with 39% of participants reporting at the final weigh in. Each week the participants set a weekly action plan of something they wanted to accomplish for the week. These ranged from focusing on exercise, nutrition or something they have been wanting to have accountability related to a healthy lifestyle.

This year the challenge offered a way to track your progress at a detailed level with an InBody Composition Analyzer. In 2018 LCHWF received the Helping Hands grant from the Community Foundation of North Central Washington which covered half of a new InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer. LCHWF funded the remaining portion to bring this equipment to the community. The InBody provides a comprehensive report showing detailed results including body fat, lean muscle mass and water weight – this allows participants to go beyond one number on the scale.

Karen Feltch started out on Feb 9th to improve her health and longevity. She wrote in stating “At 64 years old, and with a 5 year old grandson who gives me unlimited joy, I want to do all I can to be here for him as long as possible.” Karen shared in May, just 3 months later, she attended a baseball game with her grandson who wanted to sit on the top bleacher. Previously this would have been a real challenge but she saw the results as this time she “felt like she just glided up, and there she was next to him watching the game!”

To date there have been 650 scans with the InBody ranging in all age levels from kids to seniors. “It’s great to see the progress and have folks coming back to chart their improvement and seeing how to make adjustments and additional items to improve their health” said Agustin Benegas, LCCHC Wellness & Outreach Coordinator.

Use of the InBody is free and available to those interested in learning more about their personal body composition analysis. If you are interested contact Agustin at 682-8525 or abenegas@lcch.net.

About the Foundation:

For more than 35 years, the Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation (formerly the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Foundation) has been committed to helping make the Lake Chelan Valley area a healthier place to be for everyone by encouraging and managing financial gifts, promoting healthcare services for our hospital, and wellness initiatives for the Valley.

Our Mission is to promote healthcare services and wellness initiatives for the Lake Chelan Valley.